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Scott Cornwell: Music

Delay on the 4 Train

(Scott Cornwell)
Delay on the 4 Train

Delay on the 4 train
Delay going home
Delay on the 4 train
Delay going home

I’ve been waiting far to long
Sitting on the 4 train, waiting for the doors to close
Taking a ride to the Brooklyn side
But I can see conspiracy to keep these dreams unsatisfied

Are the doors closing?
Are the wheels rolling?
Are we finally moving on?
Are the lights changing?
Or are they staying the same,
Are they keeping us down, with all their

Delay on the 4 train
Delays going home

We’ve been waiting far too long
Got to take it in our own hands before the moment’s gone
Don’t let their signals keep us down
Run the red and move ahead to the place where we belong

They could keep us here forever
They don’t care if we never get home
We’ve got to all pull together
And get back on track
And get this train to move along, come on
Come on

Attention passengers
Due to a smoke condition at Borough Hall,
there is no 4 train service to Brooklyn at this time,
for service to Brooklyn,
Take the downtown 4 to Bowling Green
Go down the stairs cross underneath the tracks
Transfer to the uptown 4 to Fulton street take the ramp at the back
For the 3,5,1,9, or Q to Beverly road or Cortelyou
Or the Brooklyn bound A that goes to Jay
For the C to Euclid avenue

From there, you’re on your own, and thank you for riding with the MTA